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Hi powerful You!    

Have you heard of the Power of Eclipses

Well, last Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse was extremely potent.  

The message received in this transmission was about the Light we receive at birth.    

The moment we are born there is an Explosion of Life Force which is extremely powerful.

We are beings of light but the moment we started to breathe on our own we slowly build up walls and masks for protection. 
It is nothing wrong to build protection, as this world is a challenging one. 

Choosing to come to this world is not easy, it requires courage. 
Mentally go back to the moment of birth and recapture, remember that light. 

Grow that light, we all have the ability to shine our light. 
It's just a matter of remembering it. 
Now because I mentioned it to you, you remember it, even if it's not conscious.

Connect with that feminine (goddess) energy within, 
to remember, re-think and re-birth your light.  

This Thursday Oct 23 we have a Solar Eclipse and Powerful New Moon in Scorpio! 

It will bring BIG upgrade in Consciousness.  

And who says upgrades are fun and pretty? Not all the time. 
Eclipses are known for their intensity.    

*** Whatever you do make sure you set intentions 
 2 days (48 hours) after the eclipse. ***

Three planets are in Scorpio: Sun, Moon and 
Venus (the planet of Love).

Scorpio is about transformation and change. 
Some of us will feel the shift if we are aware. 
Change anything that you want to change. 
If you are not changing something will happen during this eclipse which will help you change.
Be aware! Make it easy. Accept and adapt!

Remember the shadow part of self. 
We all have it. 
Shadow parts are just our qualities and light being suppressed. 
They are aspects of the self which are not integrated that can be very disempowering. 

I see many people being afraid of the "shadow". 
They pretend there is only light. 
But when the darkness hits, it hits hard. 
If we are not willing to look at the shadow we cannot grow our light. 
It takes a LOT of courage to acknowledge, accept and even embrace our shadow part. 
We all have our beautiful and the shadow aspect of our self. It is truth.

When we do shadow work, we not only heal, but we lead by example and others will be inspired. Shadow work might not be pretty, but it helps us heal and has tremendous value. 
Shadow work means acknowledging the shadow aspect of the self which is related to ego and do the necessary work to change to grow your light. This is healing! 

Planet Venus is the planet of love and Divine Feminine. 
It is such a powerful eclipse because it surfaces Love energies.  

Remember to stay grounded and present.    

Solar Eclipses are powerful and energies are quite intense during eclipses. 

Saying this set intentions for new beginnings, 2 days after this Solar Eclipse.  (Read more about how to deal with the intensity of Eclipses here)


Simply because the Energies are super intense plus we are still in the phase of Mercury Retrograding. 

This time Moon Transmission will take place on Oct 23 at 2:30 pm (PDT). 

What I am asking you to do during this time:

1. remember not to set any intention ( not yet). Set intentions 2 days after Eclipse. 
The intentions that will be set will be working for the next cycle of 6 months.
2. Find some time to sit still (meditate) for about 30 minutes
3. Stay aware and in receiving mode
4. Focus on light, high loving vibrations and receive healing.
5. Focus on infusing the high field of consciousness with healing and high loving energies

Clean your aura before setting the powerful intentions.

I just posted a New video/podcast about Aura Cleansing with the trees. 
If you have trees around go ahead and cleanse your aura. 
Trees are extremely healing and help us get rid of mind chatter.Here is the article. 

Mercury is still retrograding so remember keep it natural, go with the flow, don't force things. 
If you enjoyed this, share it with others and I will see you in Spirit at the Moon Transmission (Oct 23rd at 2:30 pm PDT)

Moon Blessings,


Information passed on by ~Chaela (with hopes that you will look at life differently.)


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